Student Expectations

The appearance and behavior expectations ACA requires of its students find their source in God’s two greatest expectations of all believers:  love God and love others. For example, arriving punctually to class shows consideration for classmates’ valuable time. Edifying others through pure speech benefits a student’s fellow-believers. And showing respect to teachers shows obedient love to those teachers—and encourages the same response to the greatest Authority, God Himself.

Some of ACA’s student expectations, though, are “institutional” rules—guidelines that enable our small community of people to function together in a smooth and orderly way. We believe that a structured environment minimizes potential interpersonal conflicts and ultimately reflects the orderliness inherent in the character of God Himself.

We want to communicate our expectations clearly, in a form that everyone can easily understand and fulfill. Our expectations are precise, not to cause our students frustration, but to help them avoid it. Expectations that are easy to understand are easy to fulfill—and harder to break by accident.

A detailed list of student expectations is found in our Parent-Student Handbook, which is available upon request.