Spiritual Life

The spiritual development of each student is a vital part of any child’s upbringing, and ACA strives to partner with parents in a purposeful way to aid in this development.

Each week at ACA we set aside a time for students to attend an age-appropriate chapel. Chapel provides opportunities to hear God’s Word taught from our church and school staff, as well as outside like-minded guest speakers. Guests are welcome to join us.

ACA Care Groups are multi-grade, gender-specific student groups within the secondary student body formed to provide spiritual care for our students. The groups also demonstrate that our faculty care for the personal well-being of our students.

Elementary Bible classes are taught each day by the grade teacher and help to bridge the gap between head knowledge and heart knowledge by guiding students as they study, interpret, and apply a biblical worldview.

Middle school and high school students attend engaging and thought-provoking Bible classes four times a week.

  • 6th grade: Biblical Worldview
  • 7th grade: The Story of the Old Testament
  • 8th grade: The Life of Christ (Matthew-John)
  • 9th grade: The Triumph of Christ (Acts-Revelation)
  • 10th grade: Bible Doctrines
  • 11th grade: Apologetics
  • 12th grade: Behold Your God (Meditating on His Attributes)