Financial Information

Tuition Rates for 2024-2025 school year

An additional $150 registration fee is paid at the time of enrollment.

Tuition includes rental of all school-owned textbooks, purchase of consumable textbooks, and field trip fees. It does not include physical education uniforms or costs associated with parties and special activities. The rental books must be cared for and turned in at the end of the year. Fines may be assessed at the end of the year based on the condition of the book(s).

A $75 fee, per sport, is charged for 7th-12th grade students playing interscholastic sports.

Half day Kindergarten is also available - 40% off the regular rate.

Payment Plans

  • Ten month – August-May
  • One payment – due August 15th
  • Two payments – due August 15th and January 15th
  • Four payments – August 15th, October 15th, January 15th, and April 15th (only available/required for those receiving ESA)

Tuition Discount

Advanced payment discount is a 3% discount given to families who pay their entire tuition balance for the year or semester. If you choose to pay by semester, the discount will be applied at the beginning of each semester on the half of the tuition paid. To qualify for the 3% discount, the tuition due must be paid during the first week of the semester. This discount does not apply if a family uses Arizona's tuition scholarship program or Arizona's Empowerment Scholarship program.


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