Classroom musical instruction is given to students in Grades 1-5 and Grades 9-12. These classes teach the basic elements of music in an atmosphere of participation.

Students gain music instruction in grade-specific choirs and bands. These performance groups also provide opportunities for students to publicly present the fruit of their musical studies in various school concerts and festivals.

Formal speech and drama instruction with a performance emphasis is provided at different points of a student’s educational life. The annual Kindergarten graduation program introduces our students to public speaking and dramatic performance at an early age. The first through fifth graders have a Christmas and spring program where this exposure continues. Students also participate in a biannual high school play during either their junior or senior year in conjunction with a senior year speech course.

Students participate in annual festivals (Sixth through Twelfth grades) hosted by Christian Schools of Arizona. These events include individual as well as group performance in speech/drama and music. Students also have the opportunity to submit entries for non-performance fine arts.

Arrowhead Christian Academy values private music instruction as an integral part of our fine arts program. We collaborate with private music instructors to teach students on campus during or following the school day. Our partners currently offer lessons on campus for the following instruments:  piano, brass, violin, woodwinds, percussion, and guitar.