Core Values


We believe God has revealed Himself in the objective truth of His Word. We resist postmodern attacks on objective truth, goodness, and beauty. God’s Truth frames every educational discipline and all moral instruction.


Jesus said the two greatest commandments are to love God with all that we are and love others as ourselves. This sacrificial love is ultimately a work of the Spirit, but we want kindness to permeate our campus relationships and student conduct code.


We partner with doctrinally likeminded parents and churches in their calling to educate and disciple students. We passionately support these God-ordained institutions, but we cannot replace them. We believe the parent-teacher partnership is essential to our students’ education and growth.


We believe education is a fundamentally relational exchange. We follow Christ’s discipleship model for education and spiritual formation. Accordingly, we approach instruction and correction on the basis of relationship with students; we teach with both verbal instruction and life interaction.


We hold both teacher and student responsible for engagement in learning. We set high standards of scholarship and behavior to facilitate learning and growth on our campus. To this end, we develop our students’ self-management skills and reinforce biblically wise behaviors with consistent discipline.