Tuition Rates

The tuition rates for the 2022-23 academic year are listed below. Payments are made over 10 months, August – May:


  • First Child $6,250 – $625/month
  • Second Child $5,300 – $530/month
  • Third Child $4,350 – $435/month
  • Fourth Child $3,400 – $340/month
  • Fifth Child $2,450 – $245/month

First through Eighth Grade

  • First Child $6,350 – $635/month
  • Second Child $5,400 – $540/month
  • Third Child $4,450 – $445/month
  • Fourth Child $3,500 – $350/month
  • Fifth Child $2,550 – $255/month

Ninth through Twelfth Grade

  • First Child $6,550 – $655/month
  • Second Child $5,600 – $560/month
  • Third Child $4,650 – $465/month
  • Fourth Child $3,700 – $370/month

To determine which child is the first, second, etc., the first child is the oldest, etc.

An additional $100 registration fee is paid at the time of enrollment. Enrollment is not considered complete without the pre-paid tuition deposit and a place in the class will not be guaranteed without it.

Tuition includes rental of all school-owned textbooks, purchase of consumable textbooks and fees. It does not include physical education uniforms, field trips, parties, and special activities as they are planned.

The rental books must be cared for and turned in at the end of the year. Fines may be assessed at the end of the year based on the condition of the book(s).

Full day kindergarten is at the regular rate and we also offer a half day kindergarten. The rate for half day kindergarten is 60% of the regular rate (40% off).

ACA limits additional fees as much as possible. Any additional fees applied to the student account are for interscholastic sports or graduation.

Payment Policies

  1. Payment or payment arrangements must be made the first day of the semester. A payment consists of one month’s tuition. A full semester’s tuition may be paid to benefit from a discount.
  2. A full month’s tuition is charged even if a student attends for one day of that month. No deduction is made from tuition for absences. Past monthly tuition payments are non-refundable.
  3. Late payments are subject to a late $15 fee. A $20 charge will be assessed for checks returned due to non-sufficient funds.
  4. Delinquent accounts jeopardize the student’s ability to attend ACA. Students are subject to dismissal for accounts 2 or more months delinquent. Report cards, diplomas, or transcripts will not be released until an account is current.
  5. Please contact the school office or administration with any financial questions or if financial difficulty should arise.
  6. Fees – field trips are announced as they are arranged throughout the school year. The graduation fee is determined each year.

Tuition Discounts

Three discount programs are offered by ACA: multiple child discount, advanced payment discount, and referral discount. Discounts apply to tuition only.

Multiple child discount apply to families with two or more children enrolled. The tuition is reduced for each additional student in a family. The discount is applied to the tuition rates as listed above.

Advanced payment discount is a 3% discount is given to families who pay their entire tuition balance for the year or semester. If you choose to pay by semester, the discount will be applied at the beginning of each semester on the half of the tuition paid. To qualify for the 3% discount, the tuition due must be paid during the first week of the semester.

Referral discount is available to current ACA families. The following guidelines apply:

  1. The prospective family does not attend Northwest Valley Baptist Church.
  2. The prospective student must be accepted and enrolled for one month before the discount is applied to the referring family’s bill.
  3. A discount of 5% for each new family enrolled by referral will be applied to the referring family’s first-child tuition amount.
  4. Each current family is limited to two referrals per school year.


Tuition scholarships can help reduce the cost of tuition. Students transferring to ACA from public school or entering Kindergarten may be eligible for corporate tax credits. We urge you to apply. See also Tuition Scholarships.